PLI Current: The Journal of PLI Press, Vol. 2, No. 1 (Winter 2018)

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Submissions to the Current

The Current: The Journal of PLI Press is a quarterly journal dedicated to providing timely and relevant analysis, insight, commentary, and opinions on topics of interest to practicing attorneys and others in the legal profession. Each issue of The Current brings you original articles offering a range of perspectives on critical issues, written by leading practitioners with expertise in a variety of practice areas.

One such topic continues to be at the forefront of national discussion and has been the subject of the lead-off article in each issue of the journal to date: immigration. In “Supporting America First Through ‘Diversity’ in Immigration,” the experts at Fragomen examine the role of diversity in U.S. immigration policy, with a specific focus on the DV program (the “lottery”).

For practitioners involved in international trade and export controls, as well as for anyone interested in current events, we have included an article from the International Trade team at Arent Fox that takes a country-specific look at economic sanctions under the Trump administration. In addition to spelling out the latest on Cuba, Sudan, Venezuela, Russia, Iran, and North Korea sanctions, the article discusses the “Global Magnitsky” sanctions targeting individuals involved in human rights abuses and corruption.  

No legal journal devoted to important, current topics would be complete without an article on blockchain, so we bring you three! By offering you three different looks from a variety of authors on a range of aspects of this seemingly ubiquitous and often difficult-to-grasp technology topic, we hope you’ll gain a much better understanding of what blockchain is, the many ways it impacts widely disparate industries – including the legal market – and why you need to know about it.

In addition, other articles in this issue aim to answer equally relevant questions such as: “Just what is this ‘Internet of Things’ I keep hearing about and what are its legal implications?” “What impact will the Trump tax cuts have on charities?” “What will Brexit mean for UK and U.S. businesses engaged in IP licensing?”

The issue’s closing articles highlight topics that should be of interest to you regardless of your practice area: practicing law from a second home in another state; tips for newly minted partners; and how to help associates be as productive and engaged as possible.

The Current is part of PLI’s ongoing commitment to keeping attorneys and other professionals at the forefront of knowledge and expertise.
  A Letter from PLI Press
  Table of Articles
Article 1: Supporting “America First” Through Diversity in Immigration
Article 2: Blockchain Law: ICO Regulation and Other Legal Considerations in the Blockchain Ecosystem
Article 3: Blockchain-Based Innovation in Cross-Border Payments: Public Policy Opportunities and Regulatory Challenges
Article 4: Beyond Bitcoin: Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology Industry Applications and Regulatory Concerns
Article 5: The “Internet of Things” and the Law
Article 6: “Reading the Tea Leaves”: IRS Developments for Charities
Article 7: Brexit and IP Licensing
Article 8: Sturm and Lots of Drang: The First Year of Economic Sanctions Under the Trump Administration
Article 9: Ball of Confusion: Practicing Law from Your Second Home in Another State
Article 10: How to Grow a Partner
Article 11: Empowering Your Associates to Contribute to Client Relationships from Day One
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