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Accountants' Liability (Second Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: November 2016
Last Updated: January 2019

Accountants’ Liability is a reliable resource that accountants can turn to for guidance on how to meet professional responsibilities, comply with relevant rules, and avoid legal land mines. The book provides accountants and their attorneys with the legal, strategic, and tactical knowledge they need to prove (or successfully defend against) claims such as: Breach of contract Breach of fiduciary duty Negligence Securities ...

Arbitrating Commercial Disputes in the United States

Treatise  Treatise

Published: September 2018

Bringing or defending commercial arbitrations requires a clear grasp of the latest developments in the field, a practical understanding of how the arbitration process works, and knowledge of how the courts interpret and enforce arbitration agreements and treat arbitral awards. And participating in an arbitration demands a distinctive set of skills, different from those learned in the courtroom. Author/editor David Singer and his contributors—many ...

Electronic Discovery Deskbook (Third Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: November 2016
Last Updated: December 2018

The Electronic Discovery Deskbook guides attorneys through the legal, procedural, and technical challenges of e-discovery while reducing its costs and risks. The Deskbook helps attorneys to develop information and litigation management policies and procedures for the identification, preservation, collection, preparation and production of discoverable, electronically-stored information (ESI) in cost-effective, legally defensible ways. Written by ...

Essential Trial Evidence: Brought to Life by Famous Trials, Films, and Fiction (Second Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: June 2017

Essential Trial Evidence: Brought to Life by Famous Trials, Films, and Fiction (Second Edition) is a unique and insightful guide to the law of evidence. Author Martin A. Schwartz enlivens an intricate, technical subject by using engaging, evidentiary examples from popular culture to provide a strong understanding of the Federal Rules of Evidence and its interpretive case law, which represents the prevailing evidence law in the United States. This ...

Federal Bail and Detention Handbook 2018

Treatise  Treatise

Published: March 2018

Federal Bail and Detention Handbook, written by the Honorable John L. Weinberg, provides probation and pretrial services officers, judges, and lawyers alike with quick, on-point answers to all aspects of federal bail and detention law. The Handbook serves as a comprehensive guide to the Bail Reform Act of 1984, featuring relevant statutory language, legislative history and appellate case law. It analyzes each step of the process, including: Requirements ...

Fragomen on Immigration Fundamentals: A Guide to Law and Practice (Fifth Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: November 2015
Last Updated: November 2018

Offering in-depth coverage of bedrock immigration legislation, the latest USCIS rules and programs, and pivotal court decisions, Fragomen on Immigration Fundamentals: A Guide to Law and Practice gives you the legal and procedural knowledge to work more efficiently and effectively with employers, noncitizens, nonimmigrants, refugees, naturalized citizens, and government officials. Enhanced by advisory “Practice Commentaries,” Fragomen ...

How to Handle an Appeal (4th Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: September 1999
Last Updated: November 2016

How to Handle an Appeal gives you the winning edge at every stage of the process — from preserving points for appeals and perfecting appeals, to drafting persuasive briefs and delivering compelling oral arguments, to protecting clients’ interests after the decisions. It stresses crucial technical issues that attorneys often overlook, including how to: Make a motion for leave to appeal Obtain stays Prepare and file the record  ...

Manning on Estate Planning (7th Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: November 2013
Last Updated: March 2018

Written by practitioners with more than 75 years of combined planning experience, Manning on Estate Planning has been the planning tool of choice for seasoned professionals who want sound advice on how to craft flexible, individualized estate plans that help clients reach tax and non-tax goals. Manning on Estate Planning provides a comprehensive survey of the features, advantages, drawbacks, risks, and current and future viability of every available ...

Patent Litigation (Third Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: October 2015
Last Updated: September 2018

Patent Litigation, Third Edition, enhances your ability to prevail at trial while helping you cut the costs and complexity of litigation. Leading patent litigators guide you through the litigation process, helping you to understand various infringement actions and their respective burdens of proof; conduct comprehensive pre-suit investigations that streamline your cases; develop potent case themes; assemble strong litigation teams; get an early edge ...

Post-Grant Proceedings Before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board

Treatise  Treatise

Published: June 2013
Last Updated: September 2018

The America Invents Act of 2011 (AIA) created the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, replacing the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences, to preside over various proceedings in which parties can litigate patent validity. Post-Grant Proceedings Before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board is a comprehensive guide through the process of initiating a post-grant proceeding, taking discovery, seeking sanctions, proposing and opposing claim amendments, effectively ...

Product Liability Litigation: Current Law, Strategies and Best Practices

Treatise  Treatise

Published: October 2009
Last Updated: January 2015

PLI’s Product Liability Litigation: Current Law, Strategies, and Best Practices provides comprehensive legal, technical, and strategic knowledge that maximizes your ability to prevail in consumer product liability cases, whether you’re the plaintiff’s or defendant’s attorney. Product Liability Litigation also gives you current regulatory information, including the latest product safety standards, which enables you to help companies avoid claims and ...

Sack on Defamation: Libel, Slander, and Related Problems (Fifth Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: April 2017
Last Updated: April 2018

Written by a U.S. Court of Appeals judge and member of the adjunct faculty of Columbia Law School who practiced media law at the highest level for more than thirty years, Sack on Defamation offers strategic guidance for both plaintiffs’ and defense attorneys, and fully covers the basic elements of a defamation claim, including: the types and amounts of damages that can be awarded the sometimes confusing treatment of libel per se and ...

Securities Investigations: Internal, Civil and Criminal (2nd Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: August 2010
Last Updated: October 2018

Securities Investigations provides the legal knowledge and practical strategies necessary to deal effectively with government investigations and internal investigations. The treatise guides attorneys in: conducting internal investigations; cooperating with the SEC and DOJ during investigations in ways that protect clients’ interests; implementing effective compliance measures; designing compliance programs that avoid common compliance deficiencies ...

Securities Litigation: A Practitioner's Guide (Second Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: October 2016
Last Updated: September 2018

Securities Litigation: A Practitioner’s Guide provides you with the guidance you need to help your clients get the competitive edge in securities class actions. This reference helps you master relevant federal procedural rules for securities class actions • effective defenses against such actions • appellate standards of review, and • the steps involved in achieving favorable settlements. Securities Litigation also makes sure ...

Sinclair on Federal Civil Practice (Fifth Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: November 2008
Last Updated: May 2018

Sinclair on Federal Civil Practice is designed to give quick and authoritative answers for issues arising in federal civil litigation and to serve as a concise guide to the principal rules and tactical considerations guiding lawsuits in the federal courts. This two-volume treatise starts with the layout of the court system and the nature of its key personnel, followed by jurisdiction and venue principles, and then turns to the sequence of litigation, ...

Thinking Like a Writer: A Lawyer's Guide to Effective Writing and Editing (3rd Edition)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: October 2008

Thinking Like a Writer enables you to become a first-rate writer and top-notch editor of both your own writing and other attorneys’ drafts. It shows you how to capture and keep readers’ attention through logical organization, strong introductions, flowing and well-focused paragraphs, and concise sentences that convey precise meaning and proper tone. Featuring dozens of contrasting examples of effective and weak writing, as well as numerous ...

Trial Handbook (Fall 2018)

Treatise  Treatise

Published: September 2018

Trial Handbook is the one-stop resource you can trust in the planning, trial, and post-trial stages of litigation. Designed for quick reference in the courtroom, Trial Handbook is keyed to the Federal Rules of Evidence and focuses on the presentation of proof and the evidentiary problems faced by counsel.  Packed with practical checklists, charts, outlines, sample jury selection questions, Trial Handbook gives you the ...

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